Unmatched Card

Rummy family Any card that is not part of a set; deadwood

The official rules of card games glossary. 2009.

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  • side card — noun : an unmatched card other than part of a pair or of three or four of a kind in a poker hand * * * Cards. 1. Poker. the highest card in a hand that is not part of a scoring combination, as not being one of a pair, three of a kind, etc., and… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Deadwood — 1) Poker The discard pile 2) Rummy Unmatched cards in a hand …   The official rules of card games glossary

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  • old maid — noun Date: circa 1530 1. spinster 3 2. a prim fussy person < he was a real old maid about burning rubbish R. C. Ruark > 3. a simple card game in which cards are matched in pairs and the player holding the unmatched card at the end loses • old… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • gin rummy — Cards. gin4 (def. 1). [1940 45] * * * Rummy game for two players in which each is dealt 10 cards and a player may win a hand by matching or sequencing by suit all the cards in it by drawing from a deck. Play may also end when the unmatched cards… …   Universalium

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